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Welcome to my post…”Milk Kefir Grains.”…..

Milk kefir grains first came to my attention on a You Tube channel I subscribe to, Off Grid with Doug and Stacy, and I decided there and then that I had to have some! I suppose, at a stretch, you could say I found this site after a good old forage on You Tube!  If you want to find out how I managed to find some, through my foraging activity, then continue reading below…

A Good Old Forage

Recently, whilst rummaging through my favourite website,”Freecycle”, I found some old fabric sample books looking for a new home. When I went to collect them, the lovely lady who gave me the samples, asked me if I would also like some milk kefir grains.  I couldn’t believe it, as it happens, I was on the verge of ordering some online! So this was a very timely offer indeed.

Let me tell you, if you want to do your body one favour this year, then treat it to a daily dose of milk kefir.  You won’t regret it and your body will thank you for the gift. If you don’t know what milk kefir grains are, then you’re missing out on a really magical, healthy probiotic! You’ll find 9 mighty health benefits right here.

Milk Kefir Grains

How is Milk Kefir Made?

Traditionally, milk kefir is made using raw cow’s milk.  However, nowadays people are also making it from:

Almond Milk, goats milk, coconut milk, oats milk and semi skimmed milk.

First, you have to put the grains in a non metallic container with your milk of choice. Next, give them a good old stir with a plastic or wooden spoon. You then leave them at room temperature to ferment overnight. Finally, after 12-24 hours, strain the grains from the milk (use a plastic sieve) and transfer the grains back into the original container and add a fresh batch of  milk.  There’s no need to wash the original container, just keep refilling it. 

Drink Me

Subsequently, what you now have, is milk kefir and it’s ready to drink. It has a sweet flavour and tastes a wee bit like yogurt, but it also has a slight fizz on the tongue. I prefer to make mine into a yummy smoothie and use frozen fruit to add some ‘chill’. But you can mix the milk kefir with any fruit or veg of choice or drink as is.

Growing Old Together

Your milk kefir grains will continue to multiply as long as they’re kept in fresh milk and at the right temperature. However, If you want to slow the reproduction of the grains down, put them in the fridge for a few days in a little bit of milk. This will also work if you’re going on holiday. Eventually you’ll have too many grains. Which is good news, because, at this point, any extra you have, can be made into kefir cheese. Those little babies will keep reproducing for years to come!  They’re a gift that just keeps on giving!

Where Do I Get Them?

So, moving on, If you’re like me, and you like a good old forage, you can find milk kefir grains on Freecycle. If you don’t find any listed, post a ‘wanted’ ad and you may be lucky enough to pick some up! I’ve also heard that there are various Facebook groups that share kefir stories, recipes and grains. 

However, if you don’t want to forage for milk kefir grains, you can find starter kits on line and they’re only a few pounds.  Click here and it will take you straight to a site selling them. 

I Have A Big Favour To Ask Of You

After you’ve read this post, please take time out to have a look at this pretty wonderful website, OLIO – The Food Revolution.  If you have unwanted or excess food lying around in your cupboards then post the items on this site. Whatever you do, don’t throw it out if it’s still edible. Someone in your area will need it more than your bin or the skip! Let me know in the comments section below if you’ve joined the revolution!

Until Next Time

I hope you enjoyed my post and that you’ll at least attempt to have a good old forage for milk kefir grains on Freecycle. Let me know how you get on in the comments section below. You never know what you’ll find! You can also list the items you no longer want, or need on this site.

Last but by no means least, leave any comments or ideas below, don’t be shy… And don’t forget to subscribe, that way you’ll never miss a post…

Susan & Caber

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4 thoughts on “Milk Kefir Grains”

  1. Great post Susan & Caber really interested in your article, I discovered kefir milk a few months ago and it is really good for your gut, specially for women of a certain age! Had no idea though how to forage them!

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for your comment. I agree kefir milk is very good for women of a certain age 😉 It’s also good for anyone that’s had major surgery and it helps to get the bowels moving. You need to search You Tube for the show Loose Women and Janet Street Porter’s opinion on bowel problems following her knee op. It’s hilarious…if only she knew about Milk Kefir Grains!

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