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Food for Thought

It’s only taken me 3 years to get to this point! Throughout that time I’ve procrastinated constantly over should I or shouldn’t I?  So, here I am, finally ready to begin, and to put the thinking (Food for Thought) behind me and start the ‘doing’.

I suspect the reasons for my delay are similar to many fellow bloggers before they took the plunge. Something along the lines of; “do I have anything of interest to offer, ” I don’t know where to start”. Or, “can I even string a decent sentence together?” (The jury’s still out on that last one!)

Well, this week I finally threw down the gauntlet and challenged myself. I got off my backside and took the first step. I threw off the shackles of “food for thought” and committed those thoughts to paper.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous”


Baby Steps

So, what I did was, I reached out via Messenger, to a few of my friends and family members and sent them a simple request. Their replies gave me the confidence to chuck out my self doubt with the rubbish and give it a good old go. You’ve got to start somewhere….right? This is the stage where ‘Food for Thought’ became ‘Time to Start Writing’.

Are you wondering yet what my request to them was? Well, I asked them, based on their knowledge of me,  to list 3 topics that they thought I could consider for the purposes of a blog. The following options, as the saying goes, “stuck out like a sore thumb”.


Arts & Crafts




I’m constantly foraging for food sources in my local woods or at the beach and make all sorts of yummy recipes using these ingredients. I look forward to sharing recipes such as, jam, wine, champagne, risotto, chutney and pesto…the list goes on… The vegetables and herbs I grow in my garden always manage to find a wee place in my recipes as well. 

I also regularly forage on sites such as Freecycle and Gumtree for free items that I can use for my many arts and crafts projects, particularly jewellery making.  This week I managed to forage a home brewing kit on Freecycle and when I picked it up….oh boy…I could open my own brewery! Problem is, I need to work out what to do with all the equipment first! I also need to find a home for it somewhere, it’s getting a bit crowded in the garage…

 Recently I noticed on YouTube, that some people present “shopping hauls”, so I’ve decided to start doing that too with my foraged goodies… only on my blog of course. I think I’ll start with my brewing haul. Watch out for that blog soon.

Forager’s Folly

You’ll have guessed by now that I’ve decided to call my blog ‘Forager’s Folly’, but you won’t know that I plan to post weekly. (Gulp!) I may do a separate blog in the future that showcases my hypnotherapy experience, I haven’t quite decided yet on that one.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my “Food for Thought” first steps to my blog. The exciting stage now begins, sharing all my foraging exploits with you. Fast on the heels of this, my first blog, I will be publishing my elderflower champagne Christmas hamper project and introducing my foraging companion to you. Let the fun begin, and I hope you join me on this exciting new adventure…

Before you go…Why don’t you subscribe to my blog by clicking the button on the top right. (Or below if you’re on a mobile?) I can then let you know when my next post is available for you to read.  And don’t forget to leave comments, ideas or advice in the comment section below.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first ever post ?. I’m pleased to say, I’ve finally moved on from the ‘Food for Thought’ stage…

If you would like to begin blogging but don’t know where to start, then the best thing you can do today is click the link below. It will take you to Ken at The Humble Penny. I clicked his link just over a week ago and followed, step by step, his 7 day FREE guide to starting a blog. Here I am, 10 days later, with my own blog.  I can’t thank him enough, it was the final push I needed.

Until next time…

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5 thoughts on “Food for Thought”

  1. I hope you enjoyed my introduction to the new blog. I’ve got lots of exciting projects to show you over the coming months. Hopefully you’ll try some of my recipes and share your own ideas with me.

  2. Really enjoyed reading your first blog Forager’s Folly and look forward to your next one along with recipes, which I’m going to try myself.

    1. That’s great to hear, thank you. I look forward to sharing my recipes with you. Don’t forget to subscribe ? You’ll be notified when I’ve posted my recipes and shared my foraging exploits with you.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading your first blog post and I’m looking forward to joining you on your foraging adventures.

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