Welcome to my first blog post. I’m still learning, so I’m going to take things easy. You’ll find that’s a good mantra for me, you should bear it in mind. I find the ‘taking things easy’ part a great excuse for me to take a somewhat, more relaxed approach to life.

So, what can I tell you about myself? Well, my name’s Caber, and I’m a 5 year old Jackahuahua from the Highlands of Scotland. And I was born in a cosy stable on a horse farm, where Mama B picked me up and took me home.

As a matter of fact, since that historic occasion, I’ve been very busy training Mama B! It’s hard going some days but I’m getting there…slowly…very, very slowly…

My First Blog Post

And bearing the above statement in mind. I have to say that I’m not happy with Mama B’s version of my so called river dance. I thought I’d trained her better than that! Therefore, I feel it’s my duty to share MY version of said post.

Firstly, I’ll address the “nudge” I gave her to get her to move on. And if you’re a dog, and reading this post. Then I can tell you that it works a treat every time! Pure gold that one.

A gentle nudge on the leg, (or arm if your “peeps” (human) is sitting down), is all it takes to get them moving. Apparently it’s a good thing to share wee tips like this in a blog post. So consider that tip no.1 in my first blog .

The Watergate Incident

Secondly, she’s right, I do hate water and I avoid it at all costs. I hope you’re not laughing at me. Because, if you are, you should know I’m very sensitive. What can I say? It’s the chihuahua in me.

What Mama B doesn’t know is that, when I was a puppy, there was an “incident”. And Mama B’s pup, Laura, is behind that unforgettable experience. Following the incident, she threatened me within an inch of my life not to tell on her. She even threatened to chop my “you know whats” off if I mentioned it. So my lips are sealed…

Wait a minute, I’ve just had a wee peek. And guess what? They’ve already been chopped off! When did that happen?? More to the point, look out Laura, the next time you come to visit….your mine…capisce…KAHPEESH! I hope your reading this. That’s all I’m saying, you’re mine… And don’t bother bringing Poncho with you because, he’s not going to save you.

Day 90 Of My Truffle Hunting Training

I Swear It Was A Whirlie Birlie

Threats aside and last but not least. I did not land on the rock with the grace of a ballerina! No siree, not me, not a ballerina, definitely not.

I may have done a whirlie-birlie or two in the air before I landed. But there was no pirouetting or pointy toes. I can assure you, I landed in a manner suited to the strong, Scottish dog that I am. And that’s all I have to say on the subject. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a ballerina. But come on…its bad enough being part Chaqauqua!

My First Blog List!

Moving on, I’ve also heard that lists are a good thing for blog posts. So, exclusively, for my first blog post, here are my top 3 fav things to do:

  • Long foraging walks with Mama B
  • Cosy nights in, curled up by the fire
  • And a great meal

And that’s not a dating ad by the way. But if you’re single and you like the same things, text me… You never know where it’ll lead…

There are a lot of other things that I love, but I’ll save them for my next blog post. It’s good to keep you guessing. And I can’t be bothered writing anymore because Mama B’s lap is calling me. And if I can work up the energy, I just might make this a regular thing. We’ll see…Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t want to miss a post.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post. Bye for now, you’ll be hearing from me again soon. When I can work up the energy…you know how it is…

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