Wood Sorrel Waldorf Salad – Menu 4 – Starter

I’m sure you’ll have heard of a Waldorf Salad but have you heard of ‘Wood Sorrel Waldorf Salad’? The more traditional recipe was created way back in the late 1800’s. But this modern, forager’s version, swaps out the traditional lettuce for wild wood sorrel.  Creating a delicious alternative to surprise your guests with. As was Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day Recipes – Starter

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge it in this weeks “menu post”. Therefore, I’ve put together 3 Valentine’s Day recipes that take care of your “heart”. And of course, healthy eating hasn’t been forgotten. So, on the whole, you can eat until your “hearts content”…did you Continue Reading

Forage ‘n’ Feast Restaurant

Welcome to the Forage ‘n’ Feast Restaurant! Every Friday I intend to post a 3 course menu which will feature in that weeks ‘virtual’ Forage ‘n’ Feast Restaurant. I’ll also list the wild food ingredients you’ll need to forage for over the weekend. Yes, you’ll have to forage for the ingredients and hopefully you’ll join Continue Reading