Welcome to our first ever rendition of Caber’s River Dance – It’s A Dogs Life.

Rabbit Poo Anyone?

As it was such a lovely day on Monday, I decided to go for a long walk with Caber, and after lunch the two of us set off. He was in his element nosing around all the nasty foliage and nibbling on a tasty morsel or two of rabbit poo. (yum!)

Every now and then I would stop to take a photograph and I’d feel a wee nudge on my leg. This was Caber’s way of telling me to get a move on! He has me very well trained you know 😉 

After we’d been walking a while, I decided to cross the river as I’d never been on the other side before and was curious to see what I would find.

Caber's River Dance

A Bridge Too Far

There wasn’t a bridge nearby, so my only option was to wade across. It was at this point the walk became a wee bit difficult.  It’s embarrassing to admit but, I have a dog that refuses to go in the water! Can you believe it? I have no idea why he’s scared, he just doesn’t like it. I keep telling him he’s a wuss but he doesn’t listen, he point blank, refuses to dip one tiny claw in. 

Therein lies the dilemma I was facing.  Getting myself across the river, whilst also carrying Caber. I wasn’t too concerned, as it wasn’t the first time I’ve had to carry him over water. I just needed to pick the right spot to cross. 

Caber’s River Dance

Eventually, Caber was secure in my arms, the camera was looped over my neck and the phone was in my pocket.  I then stepped into the water and started to take my first, tentative steps across. The rocks were quite slippy with moss, so I took my time and did my best to avoid the ones with too much moss on them.

We were about quarter of the way across when it all went “tits up”. I took a step forward onto a large, moss covered rock and, unfortunately, I didn’t see the sneaky layer of slimy mud hiding underneath! I slid on the aforementioned rock, and fell “arse over tit” as the saying goes. 

Arse Over Tit!

As I was falling I lost my hold on Caber and he flew out of my arms.  I then braced myself for a painful impact on the rocks and looked to my side to see what had happened to Caber. (Act one, scene one of the river dance is about to commence.)

Well, as it happens, he’s somersaulting through the air like an Olympic, medal winning gymnast. He then had the audacity to land on the next rock with the grace of a Prima ballerina! And, I swear, he was singing opera at the same time. 😉  Not…one…single…paw…landed in the water!

I don’t know what shocked me more, the freezing cold water or Caber’s river dancing acrobatics. Suffice to say, he’s fine and I got away with nothing more than a bruised shoulder and dislocated finger. I popped the aforementioned back into place a day later, none the worse for wear. However, with a heavy heart, I have to announce there were fatalities. 


It’s A Dogs Life - Caber’s River Dance

Subsequently, after many failed attempts at resuscitation, my camera and phone have now departed to…..well where-ever dead cameras and phones go once they die! The big recycling cloud in the sky perhaps? 

To round things up, I have to say I wasn’t overly fond of Caber’s impromptu river dance. Nor did I enjoy the 2 mile hike back home, whilst also doing a fantastic impression of a drowned rat.

On top of that, my wellies squelched every step of the way. And, if I listened carefully enough, and chose my steps well, I could’ve played a game of ‘Name that Tune’! However, I was of the opinion that I’d embarrassed myself enough and decided to maintain a casual, dignified amble the rest of the way home.

Now only one question remains after our wee adventure. Will we be crossing any rivers again soon? Hell yeah!! Although we’ll be better prepared the next time. ☺️ (Insert an embarrassed cough here) And on that note, I’m going to bid you a fond farewell until my next post.

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Love Susan & Caber

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