Comfrey Fritters & Wild Greens Salad

Comfrey – Symphytum Orientale This delicious comfrey fritter starter features in Forage ‘n’ Feast – Menu 5. If you don’t want to miss any of my future recipes, don’t forget to subscribe! Season – May – October. Only pick leaves from the white flowered comfrey plants. Flowers have drooping tubular/bell shapes. Flowers April/May. Can be Continue Reading

Wild Mushroom Pancakes with Wild Garlic Butter

Unfortunately, my arthritic hands are playing up today, so the usual three-dishes are “off the menu” (see what I did there?). What I’ve done instead, is prepare a lovely “Sunday Brunch” dish for you to enjoy at your leisure. And, I’m confident that you’ll enjoy my wild mushroom pancakes or their sweeter alternative which I Continue Reading

Beginners Guide to Identifying Conifers – In 3 Easy Steps

Identifying Conifers | A Beginners Guide Way back in the cold, dark days of early January 2019, I wrote an article on “10 Reasons why you should Be Foraging for Pine Needles”. And, without a doubt, this has been my most visited post by far. However, following this article, one question was raised on multiple Continue Reading