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I’ll be focusing on two varieties of nettles this week. The
Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica) and White Dead Nettle (Lamium Album):

Out of the two plants, the stinging nettle is the real ‘nettle’ and is one of many sub species of the Urtica family. However, the white dead nettle isn’t a nettle at all and is a member of the mint family. Both of them are herbaceous, perennial flowering plants. And you’ll find them in fields, hedgerows, woodland edges and clearings. Moist waste grounds and gardens are also partial to them! All parts of the plant are edible, however, each part has it’s own distinct use.

The big difference between these two plants is one stings you and the other doesn’t! Hands up if you have a story to tell about the evil pain of the stinging nettle? (I have both my arms in the air right now ?).

The stinging nettle has a lot of hollow stinging hairs called trichomes on its leaves and stems. It’s these hairs which act like hypodermic needles. If you are unlucky enough to touch them, they’ll inject you with histamine as well as other chemicals. And it’s these chemicals that give you that nasty, burning sting.

“Tender-handed stroke a nettle, and it stings you for your pains;

Grasp it like a man of mettle, and it soft as silk remains.”

Aaron Hill

10 Reasons To love Nettles

  1. Did you know that nettles can help prevent kidney stones? They do this by acting as a diuretic. Which means they increase urination and they also flush out the nasty materials responsible for kidney stones.
  2. Do you suffer from osteoarthritis/rheumatic arthritis? Well, there’s evidence to suggest that drinking nettle tea, or taking a herbal supplement can reduce the pain and inflammation. It can also help with gout and fybromyalgia pain.
  3. Nettles are high in iron and potassium. Surprisingly they leave spinach trailing well behind in both these compounds! They’re also high in vitamin C, which helps with the absorption of Iron. “Win-Win” I think ?
  4. Do you suffer from prostate problems? If so a nettle root tincture will help relieve some of the symptoms. Find out how this wild herb can help treat prostate problems here.
  5. Scientists are currently testing white dead nettle for its anti-tumour properties.
  6. Do you suffer from menstrual or menopause problems? Then nettles are a gift from Mother Nature just for you. Make yourself a yummy nettle omelette or a lovely cup of nettle tea. Sit back, relax, and let this miracle worker do its ‘thing’…
  7. You can use nettle flour in place of wheat flour or barley flour. You’ll find it’s far more healthy for you. Find out how much healthier in this study of the 3 flours.
  8. You can use this wonderful herb in cheese-making!?
  9. They are an amazing superfood and you can find 8 fantastic recipes right here.
  10. And last, but by no means least….the raw materials can be made into fibres. The fashion industry is using it as a more sustainable clothing material!!

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Don’t consume any nettle products if you are pregnant. Likewise, if you are on any form of medication, consult with your doctor beforehand. And what ever you do, don’t use any nettle products as a substitute for medication you may currently be taking.

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4 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Love Nettles”

  1. I cultivate a large patch of nettles, and make a delicious pink cordial, that tastes like nothing you’ve tasted before – I mix with sparkling water, athough it also goes great with gin!
    Also 3 cups of nettle tea a day will relieve hay fever symptoms dramatically.

    1. Hi Diane, the pink cordial sounds great…particularly the gin bit ?I would love the recipe if you’re up for sharing. Don’t worry if you’re not, I know some people like to keep their great recipe secrets and I don’t blame them…especially if there’s gin involved!

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